2012 Mathews Heli-M 27" Draw 60-70 lbs *

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by palerider, Dec 11, 2012.

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    This 2012 Mathews Heli-M was purchased in March 2012. It has been stored in the case and is very well taken care of. The only reason for selling is I have ordered a new Chill. For hunting purposes, this bow is hard to top. It's accurate, fast for a 27" draw, quiet, and super light. The weight is definitely a plus for those long walks into the stand.

    The bow will be sold with a Blacks Creek Deluxe wrist sling in Lost Camo, a custom leather piece for the wrist sling I had done locally, an upgraded KTECH string stop bracket with dead end string stop, Lost Camo kick stand, peep sight, kisser button, and case.





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    bump for an awesome bow!

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    Is the draw length adjustable on this bow?
  4. palerider

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    No, the draw length on a Mathews is dependent on the cam.
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    Price Drop... $700
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