2012 GMC Sierra Problems

Discussion in 'Trucks and Cars' started by ishootducks, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. ishootducks

    ishootducks Well-Known Member

    Has anyone with a newer gmc or Chevy had any problems with transmission slipping and downshifting hard when stopping? My 2012 seems to be slipping between 1st and 2nd when I take off when the transmission is cold. The downshifting issue is just a hard shift,sometimes so hard it pushes the truck forward. Just wondering if anyone else had thee same issues?
  2. chrisandrews

    chrisandrews Active Member

    I had a similiar issue. They had to replace my 3 and 4 th gears. They just replace my buddies. Glad I no longer have GM/Chevy products. I like the old stuff, but I am not a fan of the new stuff.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark

  4. John Taylor

    John Taylor Well-Known Member


    I drive a FORD, 140,000 MILES and not issues.
  5. ishootducks

    ishootducks Well-Known Member

    They won't get a penny. Warranty
  6. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    Not this problem but my 2009 started burning oil at 30,000 miles. They wanted to rebuild the whole engine. Talked to 3 more people with same problem in 2009 and 2010 models. Went out at bought my first Ford in 2011 and have loved it. I would get rid of that sucker. Just be honest with the dealer you trade at, they won't care if its got problems cause they can get it fixed under warranty
  7. Delbert

    Delbert Well-Known Member

    Had an brand new 2005, everything seemed fine until I pulled a trailer, then the transmission howled and thumped at all speeds. The dealer would only replace the tail shaft bearing. Had a lot of other small problems with it too.
  8. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    My 2011 GMC did that yesterday. I left church and maybe a half mile down the road came to a stop light and it seemed to lurch forward when I applied the brakes, I thought it was just me, I have 37,000 on it.
  9. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    How many miles do you have on it? I have a 2011 Silverado z71 and they have a learning transmission and it will feel like it shifts hard at first until it learns your driving styles and changes the shifting pattern. Mine I think smoothed out at about 2k miles and has been great.
  10. Veo

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    Same here with my 2011 Tahoe
  11. Razorback123

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    My truck did this and then the transmission shifting wire??? Or something went out so it wouldn't shift at all.. Keep in mind this was when my truck had 16,000 miles on it. It is a 2009 truck and now I'm starting to notice that it only downshifts and lurches pretty hard when I have it in towhaul for some reason
  12. ishootducks

    ishootducks Well-Known Member

    I have 3300 miles on it.
  13. bmccullough1

    bmccullough1 Well-Known Member

    I have a 2012 GMC Sierra with a little over 10k. Mine has the 6 speed trannie. I have noticed what you describe but never considered it a problem.
  14. J. Jamison

    J. Jamison Well-Known Member

    I have an 08 gmc with 65,000k on it and the transmission started slipping and between 40-50 mph holding steady it would lunge. You could watch the rpm lunge up and down. The tranny ended up going out. They put a brand new one in it and put a new radiator on it too. They said it wasn't flowing good enough to keep the tranny at the right temp. It was all warranty work and it seemed fine after I got it back but it's been doing the same thing it was doing before for a while now, not shifting right and lunging back and forth at certain speeds. Haven't made my mind up if I want to let it go out again or take it back. If you just jumped in it to run down the road you probably wouldn't notice it but I drive it all the time and I know it's not right. It didn't give any lights ever and actually I took it to the dealership before it went out cause I knew something was wrong and they couldn't find anything wrong with it and then it ended up going out. If I hadn't put so much money in it on accessories I would just trade it in but I have this truck like I want it and hope to get it lined out.
  15. BowHunter21

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    Not trying to steal this thread, but since all of yall have newer chevy/gmc pick-ups I gotta ask.... Do yall have problems with your trucks 'not taking gas'? I swear it takes me 15 min. at the gas pump to find that "sweet spot" to where the dang thing will take gas!! Pisses me off cuz it sure likes to drink it, but won't take it at the pump! ( I have a 2011 silverado).
  16. Razorback123

    Razorback123 Super Member<br>The Original BBDH

    Yeah!!! I have that happen to I. My 09 Sierra!! It only does it if you latch it into the last spot you can have it on. If you just hold it there though it usually doesn't do that. It sure does piss me off sometimes though
  17. J. Jamison

    J. Jamison Well-Known Member

    Yes it does, very aggravating
  18. athunt

    athunt Well-Known Member

    I got the "Reduced Engine Power" error on mine the week before duck season.

    Apparently its an issue with the throttle, transmission, and something else. I wasnt real sure, I just know that it was covered under warranty and I had to take it to the dealership for them to "re-code" something.

    Basically, the truck would get out of 2nd gear and the RPM's were off the chart. I call the shop and they told me to turn the truck off and let it sit for 10 minutes, then drive it to the dealership. I did that and it worked fine, made it to the dealership no problem.
  19. J. Jamison

    J. Jamison Well-Known Member

    Well it went out today, it's back at the dealership. 77k and this is the second time in a year. May be trading it in soon. I'm sick