2012 Deer Season in the Books

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by KemperCamper, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. KemperCamper

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    Always a little sad at the end of deer season (yes I know still christmas hunt) but
    season over for all practical purposes
    Not as good for bucks for me this season, but any time spent in the woods
    chasing whitetails is special to me.
    Hope everyone else had a good year.
    Happy Holidays
  2. Passthrough

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    Still got over 2 months left...that's why I Love bow hunting

  3. Greyhound

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    My season started Sept. 15th and went through last Sat (Dec. 15th). I can honestly say it's the worst season I've ever had. I only saw three legal bucks the entire season which is WAY down from what it used to be. I took one of them and two does as well. I'm not going to hunt the remainder of bow season due to upcoming projects that I have. I can only hope next year will be MUCH, much better!!
  4. tmeredith

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    There's always hope!
  5. whitetail fanatic

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    At least you've killed something. I'm still at zero. :banghead:
  6. tyhunter23

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    Been tough thats for sure. seen a lot of small bucks I could have shot but decided not to hopefully it pays off. Put a couple doe in the freezer. got couple months left in bow season so we will see.
  7. miketyson26

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    Some guys have had great success this year. But for me and most of the guys I know it has been super challenging. The AGFC says its a record harvest but a good number of guys didn't even kill a doe. Let alone see a shooter buck. I for one didn't draw a bead on a buck until the last couple days of the season and I dropped him quick. With this warmer weather I think a lot of guys are getting tired of fighting mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. I like hunting cooler weather if I can. So I am going to write the AGFC and suggest a buck only modern gun weekend in January. Maybe the weekend after the youth hunt.... Maybe we can even have some snow by then???

    Miketyson26 :flag:
  8. 4hunting

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    Agreed,challenging is a very nice word to use to try to discribe this past years deer hunting, at least for us & alot of other folks in this area, but------------------- someone, somewhere must of had one heck of a season if the numbers posted are valid. It even shows right here in this area, where one might not even hear a shot fired for days on in the harvest was great!!!!! You right, "By the Numbers", it shows we are well on track for a record breaking season in Arkansas. But like you, I know many, many, many people in this area who have yet seen a a legal buck to shoot, and not many doe's at that.

    And forget the buck season in January, no way, no how, if anything with the mentality the G&F has now bought all we might get in another 2 weeks of Doe Only Firearms. They say we just need to keep wacking the Doe's and keep growing Bigger Bucks, is that not what they say???? Guess as it is at present, in alot of area's the bucks have gotten so big they cannot move thru the tree's so people can even see one!!!!!