2012 Deer Harvest

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 12Gauge, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. 12Gauge

    12Gauge Well-Known Member

    Just looked and Game and Fish report over 190000 killed in Ar
    must be alot killed up north.From the amount of deer the we are seeing
    the population of deer must be down in Ashley Co.
  2. truck24hr

    truck24hr Super Member<br>2014-15 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    Saw more deer early this year than ever. I also know lots of hunters killed a lot of those deer. Right now, deer sightings are down to 1-2 deer a day versus 15-25 a day early. Seems like the AGFC lets everybody kill lots of does in this area, then we have a severe decline in deer population, then they cut back a lot on the doe harvest for a few years.

  3. realhunter

    realhunter Well-Known Member

    I don't like the way the season is regulated. I know we have a ton of deer this year...but the public areas are suffering. They need to do as they did at places like wedington and mclroy madison. Drastically reduce the gun season days and allow mostly archery only. Then Arkansas will truly be a sportsmen land of opportunity. In addition, they need to spread the money around a bit. Investing in places like ft chaffee every year and putting hundreds of food plots there is an allocation of resources...when other places are getting nothing but burn.just two cents. Happy hunting everyone! Great year for it!
  4. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Who is paying for the food plots at Chaffee - Army or G&F?
  5. Veo

    Veo Super Member<br>2012 Turkey Contest Winner

    I'm seeing more deer. I seen the peak amount of deer in Mid October to late October, early gun season was still decent, but not great. Lot of people just aren't in the woods at the right time where I hunt.
  6. jhw

    jhw Well-Known Member

    If you look at the deer kill by zone, you will see that zone 12 shows over 66,000 deer killed, in that zone alone.
  7. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    The best deer movement as usual this year was in late October. Bucks chasing during the ML season and peak rut between ML and Rifle. Bucks pretty much disappeared during daylight hours for rifle season. But this year we had the first bumper acorn crop in several years. The adult deer tend to stay in the thick stuff when the acorn crop is good.
    We probably have more deer on the place I hunt than we ever had and had several older bucks that no one saw hunting. I figure they will be back next year.
  8. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    I have some issues with the numbers that are posted. One of the things that has really caught my attention is the vast differance in harvest number between the public lands & the private lands. Here in Zone 9 we have public lands that just about cross section the whole zone. What amazes me is the differance between what the numbers reflect on them. By the numbers, the private lands is killing deer in whole sale fashion this year, over 8000 & growing, while on the public land the numbers show a vast decline. Something does not add up! Why would which side of the tree you stand make such a vast differance in hunter success? Having property that borders a WMA I can tell you first hand, Yes it was pretty slow on the WMA's during all the permit hunts, hardly any shooting at all. But is was, and still is just as slow on all the private lands that lay outside of it. To harvest a deer someone has to shoot it first. When you can go days upon days wthout even hearing a shot and hardly even seeing a deer. But the kicker is you don't even get hardly any photo's on game camera's any longer. When you got 7 camera's out of just your own and add those to other folks you talk to that also have them out, and it's all the same story, few to no photo's. These things hunt 24/7. It makes one wonder just how these numbers show a steady increase each day, but yet you cannot seem to ever talk to anyone who has added to them. Something is just not adding up!

    I have my theroy on this, Yes it might sound a little Black Helicopter based, but to futher an agenda, one must have the data & numbers to validate it. IMO, the agenda in the future is to keep increasing season length & bag limits on private lands to reduce the deer herd drasticly. These vast harvest numbers would support such a move. But on the other hand, if one wanted to add more restrictions, shorten seasons & place increased limits on a place, the data & numbers would have to supports that, thus the low harvest numbers on the Public lands. Like I said, everything is done using numbers, if the numbers are put into place for a future plan, then the plan can be justified, be it really the better move or not. But like I said, it is just hard to me & others to understand just how standing on one side of a tree can make such a vast differance than stand on the other side of the same tree!
  9. ranger481

    ranger481 Well-Known Member

    We're not seeing crap on our lease in south Lincoln County. I hunt a pipeline and can see for 1/2 mile minimum in either direction and i've seen two deer the past 3 or 4 time's i've gone. And the pipeline is running through a pine thicket about 300 yards away from me that no one has hunted in 10 yrs! No pressure on them, but still nothing. There are a couple large landowners who join us and are in DMAP and have slaughtered the does over the past couple of years. When the new bag limits came out i told my fellow club members that we could forget seeing deer. We just dont have the population (atleast around my area) to support the current limits, much less the DMAP tags. When you see the same old 7 or 8 does and lil ones everyday, then someone takes out 5 or 6 of them, now you only see 1 or 2, and they're button heads.
  10. remington05

    remington05 Well-Known Member

    Since there are no checkstations for someone to see the deer to be checked, how easy would it be for the G&F to add however many they want to. It would only take the click of a mouse. When 90% of the people I talk to say they had a bad season It makes one wonder if something not right. Just my opinion.
  11. jhw

    jhw Well-Known Member

    I think that is why they did away with the check stations. Now they can put whatever numbers they want, and the hunters can't prove them wrong, even though it's obvious to many.
  12. jhw

    jhw Well-Known Member

    The deer kill in zone 12 is up to 67,146 according to the ag&f kill by zone chart. :shrug:
  13. sleepy

    sleepy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if it is game and fish employees. Some times I think they act like a call center on contract. I use a app and its done in like 6 seconds when the info is saved.