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2012 deer season dates...
On page 38 of the 2011-2012 AFGC Guide Book it shows the 2012 deer season dates. They are the folowing:

Archery - Sept. 15 2012

Muzzleloader - Oct. 20 2012

Modern Gun - Nov. 10 2012

So its a little different. The early archery being the biggest change unless they change the dates again. I haven't done a lot of bow hunting in the last few years so my buddy and I have been discussing the early hunting opportunity. Find a hunting spot near a nice lake, river or creek south of interstate 40. Go down in August and scout a spot, set up a game camera or two and maybe put out a trophy rock or some deer cane. Come back in September. A week or so before bow season opens and set up a blind or stand. Then go on a great combination weekend. We hunt the morning, fish and swim in the afternoon and camp out at night. I thinks its gonna be awesome!!!

And the best part is we can still take our limit in the zone we normally hunt. Thank you to the AFGC.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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