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    Started hunting today at around 1PM, field edges, bluffs with no luck, except deer and crows everywhere. Decided to hunt the woods to see if my luck would change. 2nd set was on a bench that wraps around Choctaw mountain overlooking Greers ferry. Little windy so I turned the foxpro on high, several minutes on various rabbit/ distress calls with no luck. I have a sound, coyote and turkey together, lots of turkey sign so I gave it a shot. The second that the coyotes began fighting the turkeys this girl jumps up over the edge about 100yards away. The Foxpro pauses and she stops looking for it. Foxpro starts and she is on her way until it pauses again and she jumps up on an ol stump and looks around. 60 yards, still, squeeze the 204 off and she is knocked off the stump, lying still so I thought she was down. 5 seconds later she starts spinning like a helicopter, incredibly fast for about 20 yards and then she stops and is DRT. Did alot of walking but its a great way to start the new year.
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    Congratulations! I tried this afternoon as well. 3 stands, no dawgs. I have never had much luck in the timber. I may give it another try. :up:

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    Awsome congrats.
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    I have a .204 but have yet to shoot anything except paper. How does it do on yotes?
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    What model is your 204?
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    First one on a Coyote but it knocked her down. It was wierd because she was completely still after the shot for about five seconds and then went nuts.
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    Mossyhorn, Its a Browning A-Bolt w/Burris 4.5 x 14, Light gun for carrying and very accurate if I can hold it still? Its cool watching the bullet hit a gallon jug of water at 200 yards through the scope. I had to paint it after I fell in a ditch in Kansas and broke the stock last year. Thanks for asking Fishers