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2011 1548/CMC PT-35/1992 DT-25/ 2010 Trailer For Sale *

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I'm selling out boys... Will be in a duck lease next year!

2011 FnF titled 1548. Actually it's a bit over 15ft long. 65" beam. Low deck w/ rhino line on it and a pedestal. Nav lights and LED spotlights. FCTM mount. Rear bench seat w/ lockable dry storage/livewell. Lockable front glove-box. Rear deck-lid and splash guard transom. Short transom could be made tall pretty easily. 100 gauge hull but a really light boat. Been in the water 3 or 4 times. $3300

2010 Bear Trailer. Powdercoated tubular frame. Big rims n tires.

CMC PT-35 Like new w/ Cuz Outboard's aftermarket clevis bracket. Relays are good. $450

1992 Suzuki DT25 Estart short shaft w/ Boysen reeds, linkage mod and stainless 15p prop. Camo. Mods performed by Cuz Outboards. $2500

$4800 for Boat/Trailer/CMC-35
$6800 for entire package-battery.
$2950 for Motor and CMC-35

Will be in Bryant next week. It's at camp right now. Will have pics up when I can get them up so please don't hound me a/b them.

Thanks for looking.
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also... would take $4300 for boat and trailer only. That's a brand new fully-loaded 1548 and 1 y/o trailer for $4300.
CMC sold pending funds...

$6400 for the boat, motor, trailer, battery
Anybody need just a boat? Just a boat and trailer?
Where could someone find them lights at? And how bright are they? Thanks
1600LM a piece w/ a spot pattern so you can actually use them for running. I sell these lights. I get them from Hong Kong. I usually have to make a large order but I can probably get you two for around $70/pc.

If you price LED lights you'll see that's a pretty good deal. I have 3200LM coming off the front of my boat for about half of what the same lights cost in the states. I think Excel's LED spotlight kit is $399 and it's a flood pattern.
Thats what ive been looking for..let me know next time you get ready to order some if you make that light bracket also?
I had the light bracket made. Last boat I had two small brackets scooted out further on the boat. They both work well.

Do you ever make it down to LR? Save you some shipping.
$6200 for entire package minus the LEDs

That's an price only. :biggrin: I can't go any lower than that. I can do the boat for $3000 if anybody wants it. 2012 model.
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