2009 Photo Contest Category#5

Discussion in 'Photo Contest' started by Sylamore, Aug 25, 2008.

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    There is a buck there if you look closely!
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    Round 1 Ding Ding

  6. megabucks

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    here is a pic of the buck i harvested this year. 22.5 inch inside spread 8 pt,4 yrs old.
  7. diamond user

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    wow what a spred on that buck he is or was lol a dandy:clap:
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    megabucks, that looks almost like a remake of the rompola buck lol. good deer though.
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    Mongo Lives...

    Mongo Lives....
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    holyyyy crapp!!!
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    Arkansas sixer


    not a trail cam pic....did not see any other category... maybe not even a contest this year huh!