2009 Photo Contest Category#5

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  1. Sylamore

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    2009 Contest - All rules are the same as last year.

    Post photo's for Category#5 TRAIL CAMERA PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY

    Photo's must be of wildlife only and taken within the time frame of this contest.

    Review the contest rules before posting in this Thread. Do not use the quote function to reply to the photo post. Use only the post reply function to prevent a double post of the photograph.

    Any photo not in compliance with the contest rules will be deleted. Any post that creates a double post of the photograph will be deleted.

    This contest starts September 1, 2009 and ends on February 28, 2010.
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  2. fchuck

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    i was wondering i uploaded 2 photos then i hit close window will they upload to the contest page or does someone approve them

  3. Sylamore

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  4. fchuck

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    hope i did this rite
  5. possum

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    Can it be a pic taken anytime during the 2009 year or only after the 9/1 start date?
  6. Greenhead86

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    Here is my pic! Can you post more than 1 pic PER category?
  7. Sylamore

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    Only one photo per category, but you can ask and we will delete a photo for you so you can enter another if you feel it is a better photo. :thumb:
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    Floppy ears
  11. elwaller

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    fuzzy rack

    Fuzzy Rack
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