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To all,

Saturday Morning came with much anticipation. The night before, my hunting buddy (happens to live across the street) and I spread everything out on the dining room table. His vest and mine were open to make sure we had every situation covered that we could imagine! The plan was set, we were to meet in the drive way at 5:05 am and be on the road no later than 5:15 for the farm. At 9:30 Friday night I went to bed but sleep was not an option. I counted the hours making sure I did not over sleep! At 4:30, I was dressed sitting on the back steps with a turkey call in my hand “practicing”. To my surprise, I called a turkey in (my buddy). He could not sleep either and had been up milling around for some time.

We loaded his truck, and headed for the woods by way of the donut shop.

Arriving at the farm, we were greeted with the silent darkness that comes early in the morning. Quietly we unloaded our gear, strapped on our hunting vests and grabbed our decoys. Then the usual checklist:
Shotgun – Check
Shells – Check
Vest – Check
Decoys – Check
Bug Spray – Check
License – Check
Ink Pen – Check

FINALLY we were headed into the woods for opening morning of Turkey Season!!!

The plan was simple, we were setting up under a large pine tree on the edge of a pasture at the top of a hill. The turkeys have been roosting on a hardwood flat just over the top of the hill and feeding in the field in the morning. So we headed north in the darkness, following a cattle trial up the hill to our large pine tree. I set a hen and jake decoy on the north side about 35 yards from the pine tree, and my buddy set his Strutting Tom and Hen on the south side of this tree. We had the field covered. The pasture is an old farm site, with terraces carved into the hillside. The rolling terrain adds a level t the set-up and hunt, since a turkey can disappear by walking over a terrace.

As we sat back to back under the pine tree, we heard it. Gobble, Gobble, Gobble – The first gobble of the season. Then another, and a third. I am still not sure how many birds were roosting on the hillside, but it sounded like 5 or 6. It was still dark, but they were talking.

As the sky turned from black to grey, and morning began to take shape. We started calling. Soft purrs, leading into yelps and clucks. It was not long and we had a Turkey attention. As soon, as the striker hit the slate. He would respond.

Our plan was coming together. The back and forth conversation lasted several minutes without ever seeing a bird. Then out of no where, two jakes came in on a string.

They came from the North East and were headed strait for us. They would look at my decoys to the north, and then to the set to the south, but they keep coming to the mystery lady in the pine tree. At 40 yards, I decided that I was going to the larger bird on the left when an opportunity was given. My buddy keep calling and I steadied the shotgun. At 30 yards, the bird stopped and looked around. This was my time. The shot was good, and the bird was down. When I shot the second bird ran 10 yards and stopped (55 yards). My buddy decided that the second bird was still within range so he steadied his shot gun and fired.

Within, 45 minutes our opening day was over! Two hunters, one setup, two birds tagged and on the way home. They were both young jakes, and may not be trophies to some. But for us, they were all the turkeys we needed! Now we can spend the rest of the season looking for a long beard to fill our last tag.

This is only my second turkey in two years, but I am hooked!

Thanks for letting share my story; I know it was a little long. But that is turkey hunting!!
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