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2008-2009 modern gun opener

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Will the 2008-2009 modern gun season open on November 8....the second Saturday in the month......doing my work schedule and need to get my vaction time done early.:biggrin:
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On a normal year I think that this would be a safe assumption. However,
with this being a year that AGFC will implement changes in the deer season
I would say all opening dates, bag limits and everything else associated with
deer hunting will be a guessing game until after the meetings and new regs are updated.
I think buckhorn makes some good points that should be taken into consideration, but if I had to put in for vacation time now, I'd guess the 2nd Saturday of November as the opener for the 08-09 season.

It is normally listed in the current year guide book, but I don't recall seeing it in this one.
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