2007 PSE X-Force for sale

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by duckman1, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. duckman1

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    29 inch draw 60-70# custom strings comes with true glow 3 pin sight, limbsaver drop away rest, s coil stabilizer, peep and d loop. $700 obo pics to come

    im in greenwood

  2. backstraps

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    My keyboard is covered in drool!
  3. What is it's axle to axle, and why are you selling it. I know they are supposed to be fast. I was looking at a Matthews DXT yesterday, and thinking real hard about getting it. I had planned on a Guardian, but that DXT is nice.

    But I had considered one of the x-force too.
  4. duckman1

    duckman1 Well-Known Member

    Axle to axle is 33" and im selling it because i need the money and ill end up getting another bow by the end of summer. i have cronoed it once at 342 fps.
  5. 342 ..... IBO or set up for hunting?
  6. I saw a fellow at a bow tournament shoot one this summer and it was smokin' fast!:eek:
  7. duckman1

    duckman1 Well-Known Member

    ibo is 349-350 but this is my hunting set up. i have cronoed it at 342 once. most of the time it shoots 335-338.
  8. duckman1

    duckman1 Well-Known Member