2004 GMC Sierra Z71

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    FS: 2004 GMC Sierra SLE Z71, Reg. cab, Black w/ tan interior, 117K miles, Power windows/locks, cruise, tilt, air. 60/40 seats w fold down console. 5.3L V8. Good condition. Couple small dings and scratches. Small dent in RR fender inside bed. BFG All terrain 285/75 R16 w less than 5K miles. Only thing that does not work is CD player. I've had very little problems w this truck. Bought it new in 04, I've put a front hub assembly in on driver's side and a u-joint. Has been serviced regularly, service record available.


    I'm a new member, and I can't post pics yet, but PM me and I can email them to you.
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    nice trucks i have one the same yr and everyhthing

  3. betweenthecadrons

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    I have really enjoyed this truck, but I need something with a little more room...my family has increased by two in the last six years. I've put it off about as long as can. Gonna have to get something that will carry all four of us. I like to joke with my older daughter when we're all going somewhere that we can take my truck and leave momma at home...:razz: Momma quit seeing the humor in it after the first 100 times i said it.
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    sounds about like my wife.

    good luck selling it. posting pics will def help get the word out though.... watch putting it in the newspaper if at all possible. i recently put a car in here have get calls 3-5 times a week from a recording wanting to sell my items....major pain trying to get my number removed from their call list
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    Sorry it took so long getn Your pic uploaded
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    No problem. Thanks for the help.