2004 Ford F150 4x4 ext cab 4 door

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  1. keeb

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    This is my aunt's truck. Her husband passed away this summer and she needs to get out of the payment.
    She is asking pay off which is around $7,200. NADA lists rough trade in at over $11,000.

    2004 Ford Extended Cab with four doors
    Four Wheel Drive
    75,015 miles
    Power Windows/Locks
    Power Sliding Back Glass
    Adjustable Pedals
    Cruise on Steering Wheel
    Nerf Bars
    Bed Liner
    Tan Cloth Interior
    CD Player
    Big Horn Maxxis Tires with about 70% tread left. I am guessing but there is good amount of tread left.
    17" Factory wheels

    There is a tear in the drivers seat and I know there are some stains in the floor board of the back seat and maybe some more up front. The body has some minor flaws. I think there is a dent back by the tailgate and maybe on the bumper.

    For more information or if you want to come look at the truck, please contact Anita @ 501-201-0124.





  2. GB_Largemouth

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    What size motor does it have in it? 5.4 or 4.8

  3. tgooch

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  4. keeb

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    It's the 5.4

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    Pretty positive he wasn't a smoker. Not saying no one else smoked in it while riding with him but I doubt it.
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  8. keeb

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    Truck is located in Bradford. Small town about 20 miles north of Searcy and about 20 miles south of Newport off US 67/167.
  9. coonnutz

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    Thats a good looking truck:up:
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    Where were you at last monday? I just dropped over 14g on a 04 FX4 for my son.:banghead::banghead:
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    tried the #, no answer, left a message if its still available have em call me Ill pm you my # I live over near floral, bout 15-20 miles from ya. Thanks
  12. tgooch

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    guys 7200 is a steal for this truck and the miles aren't bad for the year model. I wish I didn't already have a truck because i would be all over this one. It would be hard to find that on a dealers lot for less than 12k imo.
  13. slug slinger

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    tried # also. left message. Really interested in it. Have check in hand if it looks and drives ok. Chad Carlton
  14. cuppinducks

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    Let me know if this sells or not... I may be interested
  15. Arkiehunter74

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    same here.... have cash in hand, but no answer. Left message.
  16. keeb

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    It is still available. She has a lot going on right now and I am trying to help her sell it. She should get off work at either 3 or 4 this afternoon. Told her to only accept cashier checks, certified checks or cash. Too risky with personal checks in my opinion. Service in Bradford isn't very good so just call a couple times before it goes through. Thanks for all the interest guys, just be patient with her.
  17. southpaw

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    I'm interested .