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20' Partybarge *

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1994 20' Grumman with 24" pontoons. 5,500.00 In malvern
Vince 501-815-21seven one

Ive owned this boat for four years . I had the bench seats reupholstered three years ago.I Also Put a new 8" top on it. I didnt have the captains chair or the bass seats done.
The carpet is in good condition . I bought the boat from a member and he had is for eight years ( He only used it twice ) . he Bought the trailer In Hot Springs When he purchased the boat.
So The trailer may have 2 to 5 K Miles on it.
It Came with a 70 hp Force which burned a cylinder last summer, so i put a 115 Evenrude on it , I Didnt get to go to the lake enough to
get it lined out , ( I Think the prop is not the right size, and the gear linkage needs to be adjusted)
Do to unforeseen Trauma in the family i need to get rid of it . (Not for the money low baller's):up: Room Vehicle Furniture Cabin
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I forget to add that it's a fisher model with a live well and battery box.
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