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2 Youth Bows, 1 adult bow for sale *

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Time to get my son a new bow. He wants to sell the two youth bow and my old bow which he is currently using. Here's what we got...

1. Reflex Powerflex Xtreme. I think this bow is set around 62 lbs, 29 in draw but all of that is adjustable. We're asking $150 for it fully loaded with Alpine Quiver, Trophey Ridge 3 pin sights, new Whisker Buiscut, 4" doinker and limb savers. He'll take $100 for bare bow.

2. Browning Micro Midas 3. Great little youth bow that he is currently using as his bowfishing rig. Comes with 4 carbon 4560 arrows. $90

3. Fred Bear, uh...not sure. It's a little blue bow that has an adjustable draw length. It's not much of a bow but the kids had a blast shooting it over the years. $35
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts