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2 Garmin GPS for sale

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I have 2 GPS's for sale.
The camo one is a Garmin ETREX. It is NOT high sensitivity. I believe it was $99 new or so. It is in great shape. I have had it since it was new. It does fine for being a cheaper model. It comes with around 100 waypoints from Trusten Holder, White River Refuge, Bayou Meto, Cache River, and probably more places. I will take $50 for it

The Blue one is a Garmin Legend. It is NOT high sensitivity either. I received this one in a trade from another guy on Archery Talk. I have not used it. I have NOT created any waypoints in it. It comes on and seems to work fine. It is slower to aquire satellites than the ETREX but it does aquire them. I will take $40 for it.

I will sell BOTH for $75 Prices are FIRM. I don't have to sell them...I just don't need them. Gadget Electronic device Technology Pedometer Electronics

PM or text me at 479-225-1261


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