1st Buck Euro Mount

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by RussHogFan, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. RussHogFan

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    Killed my first buck this year :biggrin:and got a Euro Mount done by GotPork. Man did he do an awesome and FAST job! Michael's European Mounts 501-912-2217.
    Thought I'd post before and after pics...
    euro mount.jpg
  2. tkcampb1

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  3. DeLancey

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    looks good did you have the antlers stained?
  4. RussHogFan

    RussHogFan Well-Known Member

    nope. They might look a little darker in the second pic b/c the ceiling fan has 2 of 4 lights out hahaha
  5. pearlsnaps

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    Nice. I got my first buck being mounted by ole porky too. I saw those horns when i was there. Great first buck. Congrats
  6. That's awesome ! Seriously great work on that one.
  7. Juice

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    Looks good.
  8. thats a heck of a first buck. Congrats. Ol porky does some great work.
  9. mikebri

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  10. GotPork

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    Dang nice buck....especially for your first!!!!:up: And THANK YOU for your business!!