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1st bobcat

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I killed my first bobcat this past Saturday afternoon!

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Well done. :up:
Man he's a pretty spotted up dude! I gotta get me one of those!
Congrats man I killed my
First one last year and was pretty pumped. You going to mount it or get the hide tanned or anything like that?
Good way to "unload" the muzzleloader.
Crap. I gotta unload my muzzle loader
That's cool! Did you call it up? If so, what sound did you use? I recently bought a call and am still learning. So far the only thing Im good at killing with the call is crows.
I am going to get the hide tanned, it got tore up pretty bad.

I was deer hunting and he came along and got himself shot! He ruined a hunt for me the week prior! I was bowhunting out of the same stand with my recurve (first year to hunt with a trad bow), and had a 6pt and a doe right behind my tree. As they were headed my way I could hear something walking in the leaves behind me. All of a sudden the 6pt blew and jumped the fence. I looked over my shoulder to see this bobcat walking away from me (he had just walked passed me in the wide open!) So, it was nice to get a little revenge on him.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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