1st bird dog trained by myself - Long story

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    FYI Long story

    Never have trained a bird dog ever in my life, didn't have the desire too either. Almost 2 yrs ago I had put my dog down due to heartworms. That was about 3 months before my wedding date. I had to make a promise to my fiance at the time that I wouldn't get another dog until our honey moon was over. Her mistake, the year before the promise deal I was invited to a hunt with a buddy from work. He brought this male dog that was great retriever. I commented on how good this male was. Then he started telling me about this female he had at the house that was finishing up on her training that was bred very well just as good if not better. Boy was he not lying. Couple weeks later he invited me to hunt again. He had this female with him. She had such a hard drive, incredibly fast, obedient, she was just flat out amazing. Never saw a dog tread water facing us waiting on the direction command before in my life. Long story short I told him if he ever bred those 2 I would be interested in a pup. 2 weeks before my wedding I got a call from him telling me he had 4 week old pups and one with my name on it. I explained the promise I had with my fiance and that he had to hold onto him for a couple more weeks than normal. No problem.

    The whole wedding deal is over and I couldn't wait to get home. On our way back from the honey moon, I made a detour to Lonoke. She had no idea why I was going the long way home and she wanted to know why. So I told her, we our going to pick up our 1st child. Hahaha.... she had a few choice words but as soon as she saw him it was all over with.

    So here I am read the books, talk to several trainers, did my homework and the whole nine yards. Started training this dog myself from 8 weeks old and until now but I feel the hard part is over with. Never owned a lab before and had no idea what I was in for. Had some tough and some good times. He taught me a whole new realm of "Patience". I made a point to change my lifestyle to give myself at least 15 minutes everyday to train the ol' boomer dog.

    1 year and 3 months later November 17 rolled around and Boomer and I headed to our first day together in the blind. 1st volley of ducks come in and we take out 3. He is familiar with the smells and sounds but never seen the action 1st hand. Here we go. Dead birds, mark, hunt...... he ran around looking for the bird and wouldn't leave the decoys alone. So I called him back. Sent him again this time he runs straight to it and grabs it up like it was nobody's business. We all in the blind get up hooping and hollering at him "Good Boy". We ended up just picking up the other 2. Next morning take him to the blind and we just didn't have any birds come in and he got bored quick. So I took him home. Went to work the following monday told my buddy how he got bored with it and started those little boredom whines. He mentioned to next time kick him out of the truck a mile from the blind or 200 yards behind the boat so he can get some of that built up energy out. So I did, this past friday he made a long swim behind the boat to the blind. We had some thick brush behind the blind. Again the 1st volley comes in and we shoot 2 birds they land directly behind us in that thick brush and noone knew where they landed. I'm worried now cause we are on our 1st blind retrieve. Sent him and was telling myself if he goes in there and comes out with these birds using his nose, I really have something on my hands. Here he comes busting out of those woods with a bird in his mouth and brings it right back to me. I couldn't believe my eyes, sent him again for the other one and here he came with the other. They were blind retrieves and he had to use that nose. I was a proud Dad from then on out.

    28 birds over this past thanksgiving weekend and he picked up every one of them. He sat still the entire time and I couldn't have been any prouder of him when I look over and see him watching every bird in the sky sitting in his place. And the dedication it took to get him there was a huge accomplishment for myself.

    Thanks guys and sorry for the long story but I had to let ya'll know how proud I am with boomer the pup.
    Makes you feel any better took me awhile to type this up with the phone ringing constantly. Hahaha
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    Thats awesome. Great dogs are like wine they get better with time.

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    I agree with you. Little things I notice him getting smarter by the day. Sunday night my wife and I fall asleep watching football on the couch. He is dead asleep at my feet. I nudge her to get up lets go to bed and as soon as I said "bed" he jumps up with no commands and bolts to his kennel waiting on me to close the door.

    Give the dude credit he is pretty smart. This morning I notice he was ready for me to close the kennel when I grabbed the keys to walk out the door for work. My wife mentioned he has been doing this for awhile now, she said everytime she grabs the keys to start her car he is ready to be put up.

    Wish I trained him with a whistle but he sure knows hand commands.
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    id like to see some pics of the guy!!
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