1999 Ford Windstar Mini van

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  1. thomasw_lrd

    thomasw_lrd Well-Known Member

    Car starts, but doesn't move. Any ideas on what to check for? Tranny, broken cables?
  2. dsmtuner1

    dsmtuner1 Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you mean it starts and runs, but when you put it in drive it fails to engage? Meaning it stays in park cause the transmission fails to respond.

    Quite simply put, if the car starts and revs fine with no driveshaft movement, then the transmission is not properly functioning. Heres a simple overview of your models transmission.


  3. thomasw_lrd

    thomasw_lrd Well-Known Member

    It's my cousin's car. It starts and revs, the shifter moves, but it doesn't go anywhere. Any good repair shops in the Cabot area?
  4. dsmtuner1

    dsmtuner1 Well-Known Member

    Usually do my own work so can't help you there. If for some reason I need to take something to someone it's been donnie and Adam at A&B foreign car down from youngs. They specialize in foreign cars though, especially Nissan.

    I'm sure someone on here knows a Ford guy for ya.