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The good-it has new fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs wires and coil. Heat and air work.

The bad-it leaks oil, will need an alignment and tires. Has a coolant leak somewhere and will need a clutch, throw out bearing and pressure plate. Bumpers are bent and it has scratches and dings. Along with the cracked and broken dash odo quit a while back

It’s served its purpose as a kids first ride. He has a new ride now so this one needs to go

4.2v6 5 speed crank windows certified (sh!+box)
Tire Wheel Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Car
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Truck
Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive design

Its not new and it’s not worth much but if your looking for a project or something to beat on let me know asking $1400 obo located in Bauxite


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