1996 Dodge Dakota Sport

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ghost, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. ghost

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    Its a v-6 automatic its a dependable truck, It was an every day driver still would be but recently got another and I dont need 2 trucks.It has 192,000 miles it needs a set of tires and some upper and lower ball joints.But the truck is still driveable and drives good.It has a few scratches and some small dents but nothing bad for a 96 model truck.The air doesnt work but heater works good.I will get some pics up soon.Priced to sell $800

  2. OughtSix

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    Where's the truck located? Thanks
  3. cowboyz

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    How much for the black truck? give you 800.oo for it.:up:
  4. chuds78

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    auto or standard
  5. ghost

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    Truck is still for sale.