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Discussion in 'Trucks and Cars' started by bowhunter3, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. bowhunter3

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    I have a 96 chevy k1500 4x4. About 3 months ago my transmission started to kick in and out of overdrive. As I'm driving about 60 my transmission wil shift gears jus fine but once it goes into overdrive it will back an forth from overdrive to 3rd gear. Once in a while it will shift perfect and not act up. Sometimes it won't go to overdrive and it will stay in 3rd. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to fix this? Is there a shift sensor or gear/rmp sensor that could b bad? I use the heck out of some gas when it does this.

  2. Carr.45

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    Sounds like either your torque converter is going out which will meen a tranny job, or a more common problem in stock 4L60E's with higher miles is the fourth gear clutch packs are almost gone, next will be third gear. Also meens a new tranny... I have had both happen to me, those transmisions are known for the second problem, from the factory they had an oiling problem with the fourth gear clutches.

    Hope this helps
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    Carr45. I hope I don't need a new transmission. Lol. I was told that both this could be the problem. I'm thinking about putting a new torque converter in and see what happens. It's a lot of work but I would rather try a $50 part and a couple of hours of work instead of installing a transmission. I have already put a new motor in this truck and I put this transmission in but it wasn't new. It was from a junk yard. If that don't work I'll have to get a new one or better yet get a new truck. :thumb: thanks for ur help.
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    Did you change tire size?
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    Not since I put this one in. My tires are bigger than factory but iv had this truck for almost 8 years now and this problem just started to happen. 3rd gear went out on the original transmission and I went to a junk yard n got another one. It shifted fine for a year and then one day it started slipping in and out of overdrive. Jus to make sure I'm talking right. If I'm in overdrive going 65mph at around 1800 rpms all of a sudden my rpms jumped up to 2200 to 2300 rpms and I don't change my speed. Then the rpms will drop back down then go up. It will do this till it stays in one of the gears. That is a transmission problem right?
  6. If I go to the trouble to pull the thing out it would get rebuilt.
    Rebuild it .....
    I have a few friends that have done 4LE60's and they say they are easy.
    But we fix airplanes for a living......you can rent special tools at some place LR for cheap and the kits are not that bad.
    It sounds like a clutch problem but with those Xmsn's it could be in the wiring harness or a solenoid.....

    If it makes you feel worse.......I have one in my 95 GMC that has 360,000 miles on it and never been rebuilt. Just fluid changes and filters.
    And it has had a hard life.....:biggrin:
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    I would start with a filter and fluid change or a good trans flush. It worked wonders for my Ford transmission when it was shuttering.
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    A 4L60E has a TC lock up on it, if it is only going from 1800 down to around 2200 then the torque converter is dropping in and out. If you pay really close attention it almost feels like it shifts into "5th" but its actually the TC locking
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    And it has had a hard life.....:biggrin:[/QUOTE]

    lol. mine has had a hard life also... playing in a muddy rice field is what caused to rods to go thru my oil pan, took a chunck out of my block and broke my cam in 4 different pieces..:fit:

    i think im leaning toward a new TC... while im doing that i might as well change the filter and fluid in it.. thanks everyone for the help and advice.. ill let yall know if this fixes my problem.. thanks again..
  10. nitro

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    Mine was the T.C it was doing the same thing shifting In and out..
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    u checked 4 water them rice feilds a do it