1984 trx timing chain

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  1. ozarkthunder

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    1984 honda trx 200 4 wheeler. Runs fine but tc rattles. Its adjustable, but does not seem to help. This is the same engine as a big red 3 wheeler.Anybody replace one of these? I do all of my own mechanical work, went to diesel mech. class at vo-tech, rebuilt several auto engines and quite a few tractor engines, so i am no stranger to busted knuckles,but never been inside of a wheeler engine. Anybody with some experience on this with a few tips?
  2. Rebel

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    Just make sure you get the timing marks lined up when you put it back together.

  3. natestep

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    The best way I can tell ya is get the marks lined up, loosen the tensioner, unbolt the cam and tilt it to get your slack. Put new chain on bottom gear then get ready to cuss and throw stuff. When you calm back down and hold your mouth just right the cam will fall back in place. Its good times at times.
  4. michale34

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    remember on the flywheel there is aT mark and anF mark T is for timing chain F is for the fire mark on the rotor on the end of the cam.