1984 Johnson 15 hp

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  1. jjarvis0007

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    I have a 1984 Johnson 15 hp. It has some old camo tape on it. Which can be taken off. The motor has a new carb kit, water pump impeller, and lower unit oil. $600 obo
  2. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

  3. doubleshot

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    got any pictures, i have been wanting small fishing boat
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    Jarvis I will make you a deal.
  5. sunny b

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    i have had 2 of them, they are the TOUGHEST motors EVER built. i am mo' prolly harder on a boat motor than anybody in the world, i my last one is still running like a TOP for the guy who i ripped off:cool: wouldn't even run when i let it go. the top end was fine the lower end was screwed, we still have one. my boat motors run most every day too.
  6. jjarvis0007

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    I have sold all the motors. Sold 5 of them in 2 weeks at the end of Jan. A buddy of mine has a DT 25 Suzuki. 1997 model I think. Just need to get a price tag on it and its ready to go!