1965 Chick Majors

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by jublain, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. jublain

    jublain Well-Known Member

    My BIL has a Chick Majors duck call that his dad had made for him when he was born. He asked me to try and find out what its worth. Any ideas or tips on where to look?
  2. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    I have one to that my grandfather gave my dad and he pasted it on to me. It's priceless to me and if I was you I would hang on to it

  3. delta duster

    delta duster Well-Known Member

    I have a call that chick gave to me in 1970 (I was 12). To me it's priceless...
  4. jublain

    jublain Well-Known Member

    Yeah I really dont think he wants to sell it but he asked me and I had no idea. From what I've read, they were THE call to have back in the 50's and 60's.
  5. delta duster

    delta duster Well-Known Member

    One sold on ebay back in Sept. for $255.00. Hope this helps...
  6. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    I have mine hanging on the wall on a old lanyard with all of my dad old bands on it. I'm proud to own it
  7. hwyman501

    hwyman501 Well-Known Member

    Ask Jmiller1, he knows a bunch about vintage calls.
  8. Outdoors Our Way

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    My brother and I were walking out to the parking lot after hunting in Bayou Meto one morning nearly 30 years ago. As we were standing beside the truck getting ready to leave I looked down and saw what looked like the barrel of a call sticking out of the mud. It was caked in mud and since it was at the edge of the parking area I assumed it had been run over. As an after thought I kicked it with my boot before I got in the truck. It was then that I saw it had the insert still attached. I wiped it off and stuck it in my field jacket. I got home hung up my coat and forgot about it for a couple of weeks since I had to go back to school. I remembered it, took it out and cleaned it up. It was a Chick Majors Dixie Mallard made between 1948 - 1953, they were still wood burning "Dixie Mallard" on the barrels then and started using the paper labels in 1954. I still have it. :biggrin:
  9. jmiller1

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    On ebay they sell between $150 to $300. It would also depend on if he had the package it came in and how bad someone wanted it . The story behind it makes it special to the owner and for that i would never get rid of it , keep passing it down .
  10. jmiller1

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    I would say this was a good trip. Lol .
  11. shotgun wg

    shotgun wg Well-Known Member

    My dad guided and called for Alice Sydney farms back in the 60's. These are the calls they used. He said back then they would buy a case of calls before season and would let the big shots take a call home with them. Back then this was the place to hunt in southeast Ar. I have tried finding one of these old calls with the metal reed but have not been able to find one especially in my price range. Chicks daughter is still making calls and calls them Dixie mallards but from what I have been told they are not what the originals are. The ones I have seen go for around 200. A new call from his daughter I think is less than 100. If I was him I would not worry about the dollar value because I would never sell it and if lost or damaged insurance would be unable to replace it for any dollar amount.
  12. gooddog

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    Call don Cahill he is the son in law of chic he now lives in morillton . He still makes the dixe calls that chic did was buy their just the other day very nice man her is his number501-208-0949
  13. Gindog

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    I got one off eBay for 150.00 a year or two. I buy a nother if I could fine one I liked