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1911 ACT mags from Nighthawk Custom *

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I have 6 ACT mags from Nighthawk Custom. These do not have a Nighthawk Custom logo on them, just the ACT MAG stamp with Nighthawk paperwork. They are 8 round mags with baseplate. These should fit just about any goverment model 1911. $15 each, in Bigelow.
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I just put 50 rounds each through the two I bought and they performed flawlessly in my Colt 1991A1. Good deal on brand new mags, thanks again TDF
Glad they are working good for you. Nice to meet you and thanks for the good feedback.
Im interested in a couple IF they work in a Wilson. Also.can you ship them to hot springs? Just know either way.
Thanks, Tom (shootemagain)
Well I don't have a Wilson but I don't know why they wouldn't. I can ship them if you want to pay the shipping. I shipped some yesterday and it was about $7. I won 25 of these mags at the Northwest Arkansas Sportsmans Challenge. I got them for 1/2 of their retail price. By the time I paid shipping and tax it came to $14.??/mag so I just rounded up to $15. Not trying to make any money on them just trying to see if anyone else could use them. As far as I know ACT mags sell wholesale mags to nighthawk and they put their stamp on them, but these have not been stamped by nighthawk. Let me know if you would like me to ship you 2 of them. My number is 501-804-2566.
If you don't want to take a chance on them running in your Wilson, I can ship 2 of them to you, you can see if they run and work okay, if they do then great and you can pay me then, if they don't send them back to me. I know they will work in my 1911, but you might not want to pay shipping twice.
I will take four of the magazines. send total with shipping to Texas 77863, thanks
Hoghunter, I've got 4 left but let me find out if Shootemagain wants two, if he does, do you want the remaining two? If he doesn't want 2 I will send you the 4 I have left. When I hear back from Shootemagain I will let you know.
Go ahead and sell them to hoghunter. I really appreciate your offer. Im at for a few.days and if he wants all of them just go ahead and sell them to him. Thanks again, I appreciate your offer. Shootemagain
Hoghunter, if you want to PM your address to me I will get these in the mail tomorrow.
All of these have been spoken for. Hoghunter, I sent you a PM, your mags are in the mail. I hope these work well those that bought them. If not, let me know, I will make it right. I kept some for myself and I will either swap one of the ones I kept for myself or give you your money back if for some reason they dont fit and fuction to your liking.
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