17 hmr ?

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  1. DeLancey

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    Marlin or Savage? I am looking to buy my wife a 17 for chirstmas and would like a little feed back on either manufacture. Thanks
  2. Swoody72

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    Savage is the better of those two in my opinion. However, you should check out Rugers M77/17. I have one and I wouldn't trade it for two of the other ones. Good shooting and the clip don't stick out and hang on everything. PM me your number and I will text you some pics if you wanna see it. Good luck!

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    They are both great rifles. Get whichever one fits your budget, looks the best or you just like the best. They will both do just fine.
  4. jdault

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    I have shot both and prefer the Marlin, it is balanced better and the Savage has to stiff of a trigger pull. Both are good guns tho.
  5. Ktalbertfirefighter

    Ktalbertfirefighter Well-Known Member

    Ive got the savage with a bull barrel awesome little gun will flat take the head off a squirrel at 50-60 yrds
  6. Thenarwhal

    Thenarwhal Well-Known Member

    Savage. I generally looked down on Savage rifles in the past (except for the classics like the 99) but the Savage 93 .17 HMR changed my mind. Well made, good trigger, good looking and freakishly accurate. It will routinely shoot legitimate sub one inch groups at 100 yards. I've fired the Marlin as well and it was also accurate, but it felt a little cheap to me. To each his own, but I give the Savage a solid endorsement. To me there are only a few problems with this gun/cartridge combination: I don't like the magazine on the Savage, it sticks out too far and is cumbersome to insert back into the gun; the ammo is too expensive; and the noise of the .17 is too loud. Solve those problems and I would almost sell my .22s. Almost. No. Nevermind.
  7. quackandmild

    quackandmild Well-Known Member

    I have a savage 93 with accu-trigger and love it. I have a a custom built target 10/22 and a 22mag and the 17 is the one I always reach for when headed to kill time in the woods. My grampa has a marlin 17 and his seems to be a lot heavier to carry than my savage but it will still shoot well. Me buying the savage for 239(If I'm remembering correct) was money well spent. Good luck with whichever you choose.
  8. Unit74

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    93r17 with accutrgger is a small game slayer....love mine. Hundreds of squires have fallen with mine.
  9. GotPork

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    I don't own one but last year at Vales 40th Bday party his cousin who is a friend of mine got out his Marlin with a Nikon scope and I shot this at 82yards with LOTS of folks watchin!!! I WAS impressed!!!!
  10. I have a Savage 93 with the bull barrel in 17hmr. I love this gun!!! It killed around 65 beavers last year and around 50 the year before ......and 7 so far this year. That is what I bought it for. The ammo is around 12 or 13 bucks at walmart for the federal premiums. And that is what my gun shoots the best. I have tried several other loads but that is the one that will drive tacks.
    I did notice that when you shoot it at night with a light mounted on it that it does have a lot of smoke at the muzzle but I can live with that because it hits wherever the cross hairs are at....period!!
    And yes I have a permit to shoot the water rats at night..........
  11. mrsfnkta

    mrsfnkta New Member

    I've got a CZ452 (now discontinued). Like others here have said, freakishly accurate. I run 20gr hollow tips as the ballistic tips caused too much damage. I have a Leupy Vari-X III on it and simply do not miss anymore. A few years back, I wen squirrel hunting with a friend of my brother's on the river bottoms by the White River. I got out my binos and started glassing, told him I spotted a nice fox squirrel, got out my sticks and dropped him from a limb out around 115 yards (ranged it to be sure) with a clean head shot. He was amazed, used to run-and-gun style after gray squirrels. I said, nah, take your time, relax, enjoy the scenery!

    Honestly, I think it's more the cartridge than the rifle, though. Just inherently accurate. If you can keep steady and have a smooth trigger pull, you're golden with a .17HMR.