#16 Ala is putting a whooping on #9 Mich St

Discussion in 'Sports' started by D33RHUNT3R, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. D33RHUNT3R

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    1/2 time

    Mich St -0

    I hope this is what the score looks like for Hogs vs OSU


    Miss St is up on Mich 24-14 going into 1/2 time ..

    This could be a good sign for the SEC this season...
  2. hogfan280

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    SEC needs some wins considering how we have done so far. Hate to pull for other teams in the SEC, But come bowl time you need them to win. Makes us look better.:twocents:

  3. davglo35

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    You do realize that the S. E. C. Teams that lost new years eve were eastern division teams. The east was terribly weak this year. The best they had was S. Carolina. It was a fluke that they beat Bama. Now the western division teams are starting to play and it will be a different story.
  4. possum

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    I'm guessing the state of Michigan isn't much liking the SEC today. :biggrin: