1400 fps

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  2. QCDually5.9

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    Those are certainly some mean air guns. The only thing that would hold me back would be the $$$. Did you see the price of the gun and ammo? For that much, there are alot of rifle options out there that will deliver more power at a lower cost. :shrug:
  3. Tink

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    Just be better buying a .22 those things are high.
  4. flintknapper

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    Might be high, but for urban hunting and "pest control," they rock. Gamo even has one with a suppressor to keep the noise down even more.

    I've got a Winchester break-open, and it makes more noise than I'd like, but a whole lot less than a .22.

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    Ditto, more than 1 squirrel has bitten the dust off of my big cat. Wicked fast but they are not as accurate as I would like.