14' Flatbottom, trailer, and 18hp Evinrude

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by natestep, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I have a 14' flatbottom forsale. Its on a home made trailer that is a good built trailer. It has a older 18hp Evinrude on it. Last time out it acted like the fuel pump was weak on the motor. It starts great and has had the lower unit serviced this fall. The boat has a fresh olive drab paint job that is acrilic paint not spray can. The engine has been repainted and looks like a newer engine. I ordered newer style Evinrude decals and put them on the engine. It has new plastic seats and swivels and new fuel tank Im gonna be putting an older Evinrude foot controled trolling motor on it that has two speeds. A couple of the speeds are not working but it runs fine at the speeds it runs. The trailer needs paint and lights, but depending if it sales quick I might get that stuff done. I can also order a fuel pump and install it if you want. Im offering this boat for $650.00 FIRM before I paint the trailer,install new lights and put a fuel pump on the engine. That is a fixer upper price. If I paint the trailer and put the fuel pump on, the price is gonna be $850.00.
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    where is this boat located at? i live in batesville and would like to check it out. is it riveted? welded? how wide? semi-v or flat?

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    I live on Sandtown Rd. if you know where that is. Anyone can give me a call at 870-834-7867. Its a rivited Quachita 14X36X18 I believe.
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    Here is a pic of the boat but it will be on a different trailer and have a different trolling motor.[​IMG]
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    If anyone is interested I can text some better pics of the boat. That isnt a very good pic I posted.
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    How are you going to take me fishing without ur boat>>??:doh:
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    I traded into another one and gotta get rid of one. Dont really have time for one. Sure dont need two. I already have this boat redone so I was gonna sell it to kinda recoop a little. I guess Im gonna go ahead and do the trailer and put a fuel pump on it. Man I thought for $650.00 on a fully rigged boat this thing would be flyin off the shelf. Especially how nice this boat is. Its the same boat you seen just on a different trailer.
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    I found a new fuel pump on EBay with shipping for less than $50.00 just to give an idea on the cost of that repair.
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    wish you weren't in batesville i'd for sure be interested
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    BIG DOG if something dont work out around here we might could work something out on meeting. I just dont understand why I still own it. I was looking on Craigslist and rigs that dont have seats and TM are selling for $750.00 to $900.00. :head:
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    I had several people pm me on the boat wanting picks. Most didnt like the trailer because like I said it looked ruff and needed paint. Well I fixed that problem today. I completely stripped the old paint off with a wire brush. I painted it with gloss black enamel. I replaced the bad boards with treated lumber so the trailer looks as good as the boat. All that leaves is the $50.00 fuel pump issue and trailer lights. I pulled the trailer to town today to wash it and it pulls like a dream and the bearings stayed cool as a cucumber. This trailer is strong and well built. I am gonna hafta bump the price up now though.
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    Well jas870 bought the boat. Super nice guy.