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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by DXT Shooter, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. DXT Shooter

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    Haven't been on in a long time, but just wanted to share a deer I got up in Shirley back on November 17th on a friends farm. He gave me a good broad side shot at 150 yards and got him. Its hard to see all 13 points in the pics because he gots several kickers coming off that are hard to see. deer10.jpg deer11.jpg
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    Nice Buck!!:up:

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    Nice buck congrats.
  5. Juice

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    Congrats, he's got some character for sure.
  6. DXT Shooter

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    Thanks a lot y'all, he is my best to date.
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    Very nice buck...Congrats!!
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    Congrats......C'mon back and hang around!
  12. DXT Shooter

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    Thanks again, I haven't been on simply because I forgot my log in name and password, thought I had it written down but guess I hid it from myself. It finally hit me the other day so I tried it and it was right. Glad to be back on missed seeing all the great posts.
  13. AF2007

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    That's a goodun!