12 ring indoor league

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  1. cookiearcher

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    The 12 ring indoor league will start on january 11. They shoot the delta dair targets, which are the ones with the 3d face. For more infomation you can contact Karen at 12 ring (501)472-1097
  2. cookiearcher

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    They also have diffrent divisions novice, hunter, open, pro, ladies, and traditional. All divisions are cash payback 7.00 dollars a round total of six rounds scored.

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    Hey do you have a schedule for these shoot? I work the 11th and wont be able to make that one and I also work the 8th wich is Ingrams first one to.:smack:
  4. Gindog

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    can someone send me 12 ring schedule and Ingrams
  5. cookiearcher

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    It starts on the11th but you can shoot your round anytime through the week,but you gotta get six rounds in by the end if the eight weeks. You can shoot two rounds in one day if you want. For more information on this shoot contact Karen at 12 ring (501) 472-1097
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    well you beat me to it cookie, I was just getting ready to post this up.
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    Shoot Begins January 11th thru March 1st

    You can shoot anytime between these dates but must complete 6 rounds in this 8 week period

    Will be shooting at ASA style paper targets – must be able to number your arrows 8, 10, 12 & 14 There will be the following divisions:
    Pro, Open, BHR, Novice, Ladies, Traditional & Youth Price will be 7.00 per round – It will be a money payback – places depending on number of shooters per division.

    For any other questions please call 501-472-1097 or email me.
  8. cookiearcher

    cookiearcher Well-Known Member

    Is anybody going to shoot the league today at 12 ring?
  9. rodneyroberts32

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    I know that me and Ron Firestone shot on Sat I was there most of the day.
  10. cookiearcher

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    They are in week two of eight y'all have six more weeks to get your six rounds in. It's alot of fun shooting the Asa style dots. Hope to see some of you show up.