12 month old reg. Mt. Cur

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    i have a reg. omcba reg. mt. cur for sale , he is 12month old as of December 1, 2012, he has treed 7 squirrels by him self and as only been in the woods 15 times in is whole life, i have never been hunting with a 12 month old that hunts any harder than this dog, he has alot to learn and im saleing him at puppy price 375..00 picked up here at my house . I have taken him coon hunting 2 times with other dogs and he stayed gone the whole time and hates a coon, he will get up on the tree at times when he trees squirrel's and some times he's standing at base of tree looking up. The 7 that he has treed were pretty hot but done a good job on them, He is yellow with whie trim muscled up and is agood looking cur, i also think he will make a good comptition dog because he is very indepndent. Price is firm,,,,,,,,,,
  2. what part east arkansas. my number 870 995 3005 thank you

  3. What is the pup out of? Registered or not?

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    Sorry for the slow response i just got home from church he is OMCBA reg. He is heavy streak breed on top and bottom i really think he will make a crackerjack, in fact im fixing to take him out with a buddy of mine this eveing my phone number is 1-870-208-7104