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    Windy, lunar calendar says yuck, rainy.....

    I don't care though. I get out here, rubs and scrapes have all been freshened up, large areas of pine needles fluffed up with hundreds of tracks. Looks like he's still gettin his freak on. I'm here till I get him! This week is supposed to be a good one!
  2. Good luck, hope ya get him today.

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    Lightning popped 200 yards from me with zero warning. Crawled down and heard a god awful, gut wrenching metal crunch about 1/2 mike away. Got loaded up and headed home to find a Nissan pickup had rolled and stopped on its lid. Everyone appeared ok. Got home and reached for my bow and stand to put on porch and the bottom opened up.

    This is gonna be a good week though, for those that can get in the woods.