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  1. deerhunter5746

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    Nobody in the woods today? Definitely not ideal conditions but it beats setting behind a desk!! Decided to give Wattensaw a shot this morning after taking my nephews to daycare!! Got set up around 8 and saw a pretty nice buck and 2 does at 8:30. Gna be a long afternoon...left my lunch in the truck!!! :mad:
  2. chrisDXT

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  3. deerhunter5746

    deerhunter5746 Well-Known Member

    Thank ya sir!! Maybe i'll catch a goodun slippin down to this persimmon flat im over lookin!! :)
  4. marionfd728

    marionfd728 Well-Known Member

    was SUPPOSED to be in a tree this week but had a call off at work,cant guess who got called off vacation can you?!!

    good luck dh,hope you kill a big one!!
  5. deerhunter5746

    deerhunter5746 Well-Known Member

    Well it's been a rough week of hunting for me, and by most everyone else's posts it's the same all over!! The weather is freakin ridiculous!!
  6. RussHogFan

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    I sat till about 11:00 saw jack:censored:
    It has slowed down big time for us the last couple weeks.
  7. deerhunter5746

    deerhunter5746 Well-Known Member

    Still at it!! Nothing but 1 big ol Tom!! Sure wish that daggum sun would get behind a cloud and stay!!!!
  8. Buckbob

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    I hunted this morning in central AR and saw 2 doe at 7:00. They came within 20 yards, but wouldn't step out of the brush to give me a shot. All I need is one legal deer with a bow to finish my triple trophy this year. One of those big doe sure would have been nice...