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I'm fixing to head out to stand any one else going out ?
If so Good luck
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I was getting ready to start a thread but I'll just hop on yours. I'm sittin in the truck. The truck said 20 degrees on the way over. Now it says 22. No wind though. Moonrise and sunrise are just a few minutes apart. The stars are aligned, so to speak. I've got a 10 minute slow walk from my truck to my stand. I'm going to wait until 6:30 and walk in. Unless it seems to be getting light sooner than that. Good luck
Busted some walking in. I decided to walk in sooner. Been here 15 minutes. I answered snorts with grunts. The little bit of breeze favored me so they didn't smell me. Just heard me. They were at the feeder. I got real close. Now to wait and see what happens.
Just got to my stand it says 25 degrees here
No wind Alii still
I have to wait until this evening. Good luck guys.
I am working but good luck to those of you that get to hunt. I can't wait to see the pics. :up:
Christmas celebration with my kids/grandkids this morning. Big, big frost here in Conway. Hope you guys get a shot!
This breeze sure makes it cold. At least it's in my face and it doesn't hurt my hunting to much.
Feet frozen headed in seen a doe and babie at 730 after that a few tree rats
I'll head back out about 230 try it again
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