Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by fanatichunter, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. fanatichunter

    fanatichunter Well-Known Member

    Anyone seeing any bucks?
  2. Haven't seen any deer.....they were out thick last night so I figured it would be rough..

  3. Yell County Bowhunter

    Yell County Bowhunter Well-Known Member

    Saw one forked horn two different times this AM. Doe were moving before daylight. Saw several driving up.
  4. dchamb

    dchamb Well-Known Member

    Saw 8 yesterday evening. Only one buck- small forked horn. Saw all the doe from 3:00 to 4:30 and didn't see the buck till little after 5. So that prolly tells you they are moving at night
  5. wallhanger1

    wallhanger1 Well-Known Member

    3 of us went to our lease this morning no 1 seen a deer
  6. dkredman

    dkredman Well-Known Member

    Out trying my luck now and hoping I see some...gonna let the air outta the first legal deer I see.
  7. fanatichunter

    fanatichunter Well-Known Member

    Been seeing herds of doe feeding all times of day. Got cameras back out and food, but nothing but herds of doe coming into them.
  8. Saw 13 swamp donkeys, no horns though.
  9. hbuscg33

    hbuscg33 Well-Known Member

    Saw an 8, two small six points, a spike and a group of eight does this morning. The spike and 8 point were running does in Jefferson county.
  10. duck

    duck Well-Known Member

    No bucks for me. Horrible.
  11. CBD

    CBD Well-Known Member

    No deer at all for me. Everything quiet and seemingly deserted!
  12. MSWING12

    MSWING12 Well-Known Member

    I saw quite a few deer yesterday afternoon and all day today, but no bucks (except for two tiny spikes and those may have been the same one). They were hitting fields in doe groups. Surprisingly I saw very little food plot action, but after checking it the sign was there so they must be on it at night. The food plot is eaten down pretty low so I guess they have more to browse on in the big fields right now. Who knows, but the bucks have sure disappeared for me.
  13. RussHogFan

    RussHogFan Well-Known Member

    Please tell me u didn't come back empty handed!

    I hunted Sat. Sun. and on the stand now. Saw 1 spike all weekend.