12/15/2012 First Bow Kill

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by BMCoats, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. BMCoats

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    After hunting all year and seeing Deer that I was not willing to kill with my rifle, last Sunday I decided to hang a Bow set. I just started bow hunting this year bought the bow last year but did not feel confident enough to try and shoot at something.. Thought to myself I need more practice before trying to shoot a deer, so this year was my first time in a stand with a Bow.. I not going to claim to be a “trophy” hunter but normally the way I hunt is it is either “It’s going on the wall or a doe”… I try my hardest to not shoot young Bucks it has never paid off but I know that one year it will “fingers crossed”…

    With all of that being said Saturday December 15th… I decide that instead of gun hunting the last weekend of the season I am going to take my bow… I get in the stand 30min or so before day light, and sit until about 8:30, when something catches my eye I look to my left and he comes a young 8pt that I have been watching all year.. I have told myself and everyone else that I was not willing to shoot this deer he is young and already has a nice set of horns, “can you imagine what he will be in 2-3 years” but I guess on that day he and I had the one and only encounter that could have led to his death… I have broken my rule about shooting young deer and for that I am disappointed with myself.. But for my first kill with a bow I just could not pass him up…

    Maybe now that I have this monkey off my back next year its back to, on the wall or doe even with the bow..
  2. Tony Harris

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    Brother don't ever apologize to anyone for a deer you just killed. He meant enough to you to kill him so let him have his moment of pride at being your kill. Nothing wrong with him. Congrats.

  3. BIG JIM

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    That isn't anything to be disappointed about. Congrats
  4. RazorBassin

    RazorBassin Well-Known Member

    Nice kill! I just started bow hunting about a week ago and I am pumped for you. Can't wait to kill my first with a bow!
  5. I've been bow hunting for years and I would be proud to kill a buck like that. Congrats, heck of a buck.
  6. whitetail fanatic

    whitetail fanatic Well-Known Member

    Bro I've been bowhunting for over 15 yrs and have yet to kill a buck, several does but no bucks. If I seen one like that now I'll let the air out of him. Congrats on your success!!!!
  7. I know people that have bowhunted a long time and not killed a buck that good, including me.....
  8. hunt4meat

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    1st, Congrats!
    2nd, any deer with a bow is a trophy in my book.
  9. tyhunter23

    tyhunter23 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the buck and your first bow kill nothing wrong with that at all.
  10. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    Nothing to be disappointed in there. Congrats!
  11. hortonhunter

    hortonhunter Well-Known Member

    Congraulations :up: Nice bowkill for sure
  12. SLAYER

    SLAYER Well-Known Member

    I would have shot him showed him off and went back and killed his little brother. No man can tell you what a trophy is. Congrats on a great kill.
  13. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    I've killed much smaller with a bow...and a gun. Congrats. Get ready to rifle hunt less!
  14. Razorback123

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    Congrats on the buck! I'd be proud of him!!!
  15. Outdoors Our Way

    Outdoors Our Way Well-Known Member

    Dude, you killed a deer with a stick. That ain't nothing be ashamed of. Congratulations and welcome to the brotherhood!
  16. Congrats,any buck with a bow is a trophy.
  17. Mathews Bowhunter

    Mathews Bowhunter Well-Known Member

    That's a awesome first buck with a bow. I remember my first buck with a bow. Still got those little horns in the shop. Every time I look at them the memory comes back. Like everyone says, they're all trophies with a bow!
  18. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    X2 on that, I even left my smoke pole in the truck this morn, and opted for my bow, deflated a big doe too!! Crongrats man, welcome to the now hunting world!!
  19. airmaster

    airmaster Well-Known Member

    Good kill, congrats. like Tony said, dont apoligize. Be happy and proud of your kill..
  20. BDW

    BDW Premium Member<br>Merganser Slayer<br>2011 Turkey

    NEVER apologize.....That's a buck to be proud of. Congratulations!!!