Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by dkredman, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. dkredman

    dkredman Well-Known Member

    Anyone seeing anything this afternoon? I'm headed to the stand right now and hoping to see some action!
  2. medic22180

    medic22180 Well-Known Member

    Got here at 9 haven't seen a deer yet. Just moved locations we'll see what happens.

  3. dkredman

    dkredman Well-Known Member

  4. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    They were really moving this morning. I saw quite a few deer between 7-9 and took out a big doe
  5. buck n duck

    buck n duck Super Member<br>2012 Turkey Hunting Contest Winner

    I am going but won't make it to my stand till 4.
  6. deltabowhunter

    deltabowhunter Well-Known Member

    I saw a nice 10 point around 8am this morning. Saw a couple of does around 3:45 this afternoon. Hoping the does move here in a bit. I need to stick something with this bow!
  7. superlows10

    superlows10 Well-Known Member

    Seen a doe come in at 415 and just had a red fox come threw here too.