104 pound coyote

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    Man thats a huge coyote. 104lbs? I can see why they thought it was a wolf. It wouldn't take to many coyotes half that size to hurt a deer population real fast.

    Miketyson26 :flag:

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    Sounds like he was a good eater!
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    Ya think? Duh! :doh:

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    I read in F-F-G awhile back that the game and fish in Maine had confirmed quite a few cases of wolf-coyote hybrids. They say it happens when wolves are reintroduced into native areas populated by coyotes.
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    From looking at the photos, it looks to me like that coyote has an alaskan malumute in it's family tree. Note the distinctive color markings. Not to mention it would explain it's size.
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    There is no amount of DNA testing that could convince me that it's not more wolf than coyote.:head:
  8. agreed
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    NE Ark
    They will get to that right after they finish with the Bigfoot DNA. :thumb:
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    It's a toss up for me between a coy-wolf and a coy-dog.... like the malmute!

    Good chance it was a "farm-visit" souvenir!

    I have a real tough time believing its just a straight up yote!
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    Looks to me like it might have been a cross with a malamute as well.



    Looks a lot a like. I have heard that wild dogs will breed into the coyote population. Might be what happened here.
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    Nice Yote see themsize all the time in Canada :skeptical:
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    I think it's time to start a red wolf thread.
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    Looks like someone shot fluffy to me.........
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    Bwahaa Yes.
    Baaahhh, they are all the same thing anyhow (that oughtta get things going).

    I seriously think there is too much too all of this "species classification" sometimes. Of course this is speaking in total ignorance, but a canine is a canine is a canine. If they were seperated form each other and one group, grows bigger than the other with different colors etc.. Doesn't make a difference, they are still canine and breed with each other producing fertile offspring (so if a breeding population of these were to start would we call it a new species), say like.. Red-Wolf LOL.
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    ...that don't look like a coyote.
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    The reason that I said malamute to begin with is because I've seen it first hand. A local that lived close to deer camp had a rather large malamute. He would come to visit our camp in the evenings in hopes of getting scraps. Afew years after the ole dog died, I had a doe come bounding through the woods as if she was late for an appointment. Seconds later, here it came. A coy that was ever bit as big as it's dad. Markings and all. And on the doe's trail, trotting along. After mentioning this to club members, it came about that afew of them had seen large yotes that were colored up similar to the ole malamute.
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    I need a bigger gun:biggrin:

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    naw just switch to ballistic tips
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    I was guessing that it must have a lot of dog genetics to get that large.