10 pt down.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by huntmore, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Not the biggest but I am happy to get him.

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  4. He was chasing does and grunting his head off boy he really smelled strong too. Harvested 11/30/2012 evening hunt.
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    Nice buck and a beautiful baby girl!!!
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    Congrats on a great deer and a beautiful daughter !!
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone she is always ready to hunt with daddy.
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    That girl looks like she is pretty happy you got him too! Congrats.:thumb:
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    Congrats on getting it done!:up:
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    Nice buck. Congrats.
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    What county are you in? Can't believe there're still chasing.
  16. Hot spring county. Heard him chasing for about an hour before I grunted at him and got his attention he came out in the lane just before dark think it's the second rut.
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    I looked at my info from last year and all the way up to Dec 13th I saw bucks chasing
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    They are done in north central Arkansas. We never see any action after thanksgiving. There is a late rut but not much of one we never see much. Are buck to doe pop is about 60/40. We don't have near the deer as down south.i used to hunt In rison, Monticello, and hermitage with friends and I've seen them chasing until January. Of course they have deer out the wazoo.
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