#1 worst school disaster

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    I see so much mention of this lastest school disaster being the # 2 worst incident and now hearing all the talk surrounding it.... My research found the #1 disaster which I have not seen mentioned anywhere
    Given the almost daily news reports of events in the world today I have to wonder if the gun control agenda is being justified by the recent disaster because the # 1 worst one sounds too much like something just as if not more so likely to occur in today's world yet the talk is only about guns

    Read for yourself

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    Interesting story. It goes to show that there have been nutcases around for decades.

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    Interesting, I had never heard about this. I think you're right on target, they don't want to focus on just the tragedy of children being killed, they must emphasize the "GUN".
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    Forgot to mention less we forget the worst disaster in our history was caused by the use of boxcutters...but to this day I have heard of no "box cutter control task force"
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    Yes, Andrew Kehoe was a man who felt the government was out to destroy the working man. He opposed the tax increase voted in to build the new consolidated school building, and when it passed, he volunteered to do all the electric wiring for free. He was an intelligent man with a degree in electical engineering from Michigan State University. He used this ruse to place the explosives in the building and wire them to the bell. The day of the explosion he killed his wife, burned his farmhouse, and drove to the school with a loaded gun, and a car full of explosives. When he arrived, after the explosion, the sheriff and about a dozen me came over to tell him what was going on. He then shot the sheriff,and then shot the explosives thus blowing up his car and killing a dozen of the men who were responding to help the victims. Also, killing himself. There was over two hundred pounds of explosives that did not explode. He left a chilling message on the fence at his burned out farmhouse.

    I cover this incident in my DHS Terrorism Awareness class.





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    I had never heard of this before now.

    Thanks for posting the information.
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    Obviously, the gun is not the problem. The sicko is the problem.
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    There was a woman about 30 years ago who drove through a school playground in a Cadillac and killed more than the Connecticut massacre. It was in or around Chicago.
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    bayman, I wanted to thank you for the info above. I have shared this with many others across the country.