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1-7-12 anyone else???

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Sitting here with the boy. Looks like a good morning. Been waiting for this wind direction.
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Sittin in a tree stand in Bella Vista. Havnt seen much more than squirels this morning.
Haven't even seen any squirrels. Don't like this moon phase for deer. It was pretty bright last night.
Well, just saw 3 does come by. So there is some movement this morning. They were heading to the bedding thicket.
Seen 3 doe this morning myself and my dad seen 2 so they was moving this morning. This is prob going to be one of them days where they move all day
We saw 0. Taking the other daughter this afternoon
Just got down, ain't seen squat ! We almost ran over 5 yesterday evening coming in so maybe this evening will be better cause she's got an itchy trigger finger
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