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1/2 walker 1/2 english pups coming soon

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should be born anytime,kinda unplanned! lol father is direct out of insane x. hes got a very loud screaming mouth,great locate ,chop on tree.female is an 8yr old english gyp that goes back to cactus jack.shes got a course mouth.dont know much about her besides that,i took her to the woods twice and she never going to keep one and try to make a squirell dog out of it.if anyone wants one let me know.they are free.after they are weened the momma dog can go too.dont have a pic of the dad.hes open spotted walker.


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real soon i hope,shes about to pop!lol
pups are popping out,should know tommarow what she has
shes got 9 i think,dont know male or female yet but will check tomarrow.
shes not doing very good with the pups,i will send pms if they make it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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