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Finally decided to sell the best hunting rig ive ever owned. Ive owned this vehicle for 12 or 13 years. Im the 2nd owner. First one wrecked it with around 40k miles on it. It was repaired and has a rebuilt title. Has 135k miles now. 4.0 V6 automatic. All time auto 4x4 , 4 high, 4 low. Transmission has shifted hard out of 1st for 8yrs but it has never slipped. 4 high works but sticks and have to unhook battery to unlock it. 4 low doesn't work and never has...It has a factory defect issue, with the keeps it from going into overdrive. The vehicle needs some TLC but runs and drives good. Has cold AC. Has a custom lift. Upper control arm bushings have shifted and need to be put back in place to keep the tires from wearing. Tires have maybe 10k on them but front wore a lil uneven due to control arms. Has a good 8000lb Ramsey winch. Interior is dirty but no tears or rips and is in great shape for its age. Im sure it has plenty of other small issues that I wont list here.. The pics of how it usually looks, its been washed since pics but not detailed..
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$3800 OBO located south of Camden.
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