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  1. Want to Buy/Trade
    I prefer this actual model produced between 00-06, will consider any but that’s the one i would pay top dollar for
  2. Trading Post
    Title pretty well sums it up. Stainless action and barrel, Hogue overmold stock with full length aluminum bedding block. Simmons Whitetail Classic 4-12x scope. Located in Little Rock. $550
  3. Trading Post
    Does anyone out there have a mini 30 perferably stainless that they are willing to part with, or trade for something. Thanks
  4. Trading Post
    I have four guns I need to get rid of: Mossberg 500A Police Cruiser model. Solid black, extended magazine, will hold up to 7 3" shells. Pump. I've shot it 4 times. Make me an offer. Remington 870 Express Magnum, left handed. Blued barrel with camo stocks. Will shoot 3", not 3 1/2". Been to...