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  1. Cooking, Grilling, BBQ, and Recipes
    I love fried rabbit but we've been getting so many lately that I wanted to find another way to fix em and here's what my wife and I came up with: Season and roll in flour the amount of rabbit that you want to use, then brown it in a skillet. Mix 2 packages brown gravy mix with 3 cups hot water...
  2. Trading Post
    Trying to clean up yard. Flatbed trailer horse cart dog box horse shoeing stand ty beanie babies 8 track tape and tape player rabbits Full blooded German Shorthaired pointer Bumper pull camper Ignore Prices!!!!! Make offer!!!!!!! Find pics at www .cactusrockfarms. com and go to classified...
  3. Huntin' Dogs
    I am thinking about buying a beagle and train it to hunt rabbits. I dont want it to run deer. Any advice on how to train the dog would be greatly appreciated. :biggrin: