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  1. Free! Pay it forward!
    Free firewood freshly cut on Thurs 6-25-20. It’s cut up into small sections so easy to load. BUT YOU load yourself. It’s either Sugar Maple or Elm. Pick up in Little Rock. Message me a number and I’ll call you. Thanks
  2. Dogs for Sale or Trade
    Got a good looking cur fiest mix shes around 8mth old. Not gun shy only been in the woods a couple times. Needs more time than I can give her right now. Asking $50 call text or pm here 501-316-9141
  3. Dogs for Sale or Trade
    I found these two boys saturday morning. They had been abandoned and were living in a culvert, about to starve to death. They are obviously brothers, about 5-6 months old, (still have a couple of their milk teeth.) They do well with other dogs, they've been playing with the neighbor's beagle and...
1-3 of 3 Results